Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who We Are?

We are a web scraping service provider. We help people like you get data from the web in a formatted way.

Q2. What is web scraping?

Web Scraping is a process of extracting data from web pages automatically using a peice of code or software.

Q3. How web scraping can be useful?

Web Scraping helps you collect large amount of data available in the web. Businesses can use those data to get useful insights about about the market, potential clients and reputation. For e.g. Collecting reviews about your product can help you understand what your customer needs. Or you can collect leads that can help you find potential new clients.

Q4. What kind of websites can be scraped?

Any kinds of website can be scraped using web scraping techniques. However it is important to respect the website's policy and scrape responsibly.

Q5. What factors does the pricing depends upon?

Our pricing starts at $49 per month for 25K records. This is what we charge for a relatively simple website. If the website is complex, requires authentication, access from certain regions of the world, etc the price changes accordingly. For more detail, contact uswith your project details and we will get back to you with an estimation.

Q6. Is web scraping legal?

Not all the time as it also depends on website's policy. But it is legal to scrape openly available data. You may want to check hiQ vs. LinkedIn case.


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